Evansville Indiana's Premiere Office Building with Historic Character 420 NW 5th Street • Evansville, IN 47708 • 812.423.6200 • Email www.woolenmilloffices.com

Contact Information for the Woolen Mill Offices Building


Alan Brill
Woolen Mill Office Building
420 NW Fifth Street, Evansville Indiana 47708
812.423.6200 • Email
Brokers / Real Estate Agents:
ERC I, LLC is pleased to work with all potential buyers/leasees, both those who contact us directly, and those who employ the services of a real estate agent. Such agents are welcome to submit offers to ERC I, LLC on behalf of a potential buyer and/or leasee, and indicate in such offer the commission to be paid by ERC I, LLC to the agent. If ERC I, LLC accepts the offer, then it will pay, at the time of closing or signing of lease, the commission stipulated. ERC I, LLC values the contribution that an agent can bring to a transaction. Agents are encouraged to contact Alan Brill in connection with the ERC I, LLC's procedures concerning the agent-principal relationship.

woolen mill office building Evansville, INWoolen Mill Offices Building viewed from Front / northeast corner